Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MY Redemption Song.....

... sounds like the creaky chains of the porch swing
as my son and i snuggle in motion,
while watching the hummingbirds at the feeder
and the morning mist slowly lift off of the mountains.

it sounds like the screech owl,
crying out from its moonlit perch by the edge of the creek...
the shrill call echoing through the dark vale.

it sounds like familiar voices of family and friends...
milk and honey flowing from their lips,
a soothing balm of comforting words.

it sounds like the strains of a fiddle,
the tapping of feet,
the crackling of an evening fire...
laughter at dusk.

sometimes it is barely audible, yet still tangible...
felt, more than heard.
in the quietness, i can still detect the faint melody.

so as the morning mist loosens its nightly hold on these hills,
this blanket begins to relinquish its smothering grip on my heart...
and new stanzas are written and imprinted
on this fallible, hopeful human soul.