Thursday, June 02, 2011

gentle is what you were... at a time when life and circumstances were very ungentle.
i don't remember you ever uttering a harsh word.

an oasis is what you were.....
an island where i first let it all out, wrapped in a blanket, sitting on the end of your bed.
the filtered sun coming through the bedroom skylight,
casting morning shadows on the patchwork quilt.
you barely having the sleep out of your eyes.
but you listened.
every single word you took in.
and that is what you did every time after.

you had plans but you canceled them.
"nothing is more important", you told me.
if only i still believed that.

you always knew tears were coming before i even did.
you wouldn't let me run away.... or lash out.
you just sat me in your lap and let me cry.
let me vent.
you never uttered a harsh word.
you understood... sometimes even when i didn't.

i wanted to write this to thank you.
that seems so small.
in some ways, you saved my life.
that is, you made me really want to LIVE.
the oppression, anxiety, and anger were never there when you were around.

and now i know.
since Love visited in the flesh...
nothing less.