Friday, December 28, 2007

Hearth and fire be yours tonight, and all the dark outside...
Fair the night and kind on you, wherever you may bide.
And I'd be the sun upon your head, the wind about your face...
My love upon the path you tread and upon your wandering, peace.

Song and wine be ours tonight, and all the cold outside....
Peace and warmth be yours tonight, wherever you may bide.
And I'd be the sun upon your head, the wind about your face...
My love upon the path you tread and upon your wandering, peace.

Hearth and fire be ours tonight, and the wind in the birches bare...
O that the wind we hear tonight would find you well and fair.
And I'd be the sun upon your head, the wind about your face...
My love upon the path you tread and upon your wandering, peace.

- Gordon Bok

My parents used to sing this folk song to me.... One of my all-time favorites. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, and I dedicate this song to you, dear friends, for the new year!
I probably won't post again until after New Years because Sir Laughsalot is home from school and I want to cherish these warm and cozy days with him.

Warmest wishes for the New Year.........

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Humble Christmas Offering......

Ask and ye shall receive.....
Many of you have asked to hear me sing and play guitar, so
my husband helped me figure out how to record myself through our computer..... so I present to you a traditional Christmas carol , very rudimentaly recorded in our computer room.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I first saw her at the kid's program at church. She stood out to me amongst all the other kids... a little chubby.. glasses.. straggly hair.. mismatched, raggedy clothes. The boys were picking on her and she was hitting them. I had to intervene in the situation a couple of times, to ask the boys to stop teasing and tell her it wasn't okay to hit. It can be a rowdy crew on Wednesday night, as our church provides a meal, singing time, and classes for community children. A lot of the children come from some of the rougher sections of our community. ... "the wrong side of the tracks", so to speak.

I sensed a troubled spirit in the girl.... an oppressed spirit. I felt empathy for her, and knew she was one to watch out for and give a little extra attention to.

Today I went to Sir Laughsalot's school to meet with a young student I would be mentoring through a new program that targets at-risk children in their early years, before they reach high school and drop out. I hadn't met the student before today, but knew she had moved around a lot, was frequently absent, and was struggling in her school subjects. When she walked in, she grinned a familiar grin when she saw me, and I recognized her as the little girl from church.

As one who doesn't believe that things happen by chance, I had to grin, also.... and wink at God for knowing exactly what He's doing. He knows my heart intimately, and I am grateful that He has entrusted me with another fragile little soul to show His love and compassion towards. Pray for me in this new endeavor.... I can't help anyone on my own, but because I am a vessel for a higher and greater love, I know that love can be channeled through me and out towards this little girl.


(As a sidenote, Here is a good article about how one constant and involved adult in a child's life can make a difference.... it focuses more on teenage boys, but it is encouraging. If you have not seen the Frontline documentary it refers to, "Country Boys", I highly recommend it as a must-see film. It follows two poverty stricken and at-risk boys in rural Appalachia through their adolescence. It is heartwrenching, but moving, and really hones in on the need for our communities to surround these kids and get involved in their lives. Your local library probably has it, and it is a three part documentary.

Also, if you would be interested in mentoring a child in your community, go here. What could be a better way to spend a couple of hours each week?)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Miss Dorothy.....

Miss Dorothy is just one of hundreds of citizens in Appalachia who have been driven out of their homes because of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining. A lot of these properties are ancestral homelands that have been in a family for generations. If you refuse to sell your property to the coal company, they make living conditions unbearable. To help stop this nonsense, go
here. Also, call your congressmen and urge them to sponsor The Clean Water Protection Act, which will help end this atrocity.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

My best audience, ever......

Kindergarteners are the bomb! They have yet to develop an attitude of self-conscienceness, nor do they worry about being *cool*.... they are ALL about having fun! I had the privelege of playing for Sir Laughsalot's little class of 13 at a party.... and I must say, that's the most fun I've had playing in a while.

May we all be as spirited and as carefree as these lil 'uns! :)

( A good article on the importance of music and the arts in school is here)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's Here........

That southerly wind blew in our first snowfall of the season. The first snow of the winter always brings out the child in oneself. I think I get just as excited as Sir Laughsalot. His school let out early and he came home and started playing in the white fluff as soon as he got out of the car. And, of course, mama had to play, too.... with her camera!

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Southerly Wind.......

I heard it in the wee morning hours.... It jolted me out of my dream. It shook and rattled the house. Then I heard a familiar Thud....Slam! The sound that I hear when Sir Laughsalot has had a nightmare.... the thud as he jumps out of bed, and the sound of his door slamming behind him as he bolts to our room. He jumped into my bed, wide-eyed... "what is that sound, mommy?"

"Just the wind, sweetie..... it decided to come out and play tonight."

'but it's scary..... i want to sleep with you.'

"No, let's go back to your room and get all tucked in... it's the middle of the night. Do you remember, in our book, how Laura Ingalls spoke of the wind howling in the winter time, rattling their windows and doors, like it was trying to get in? But she wasn't afraid..... She felt safe and warm and cozy, tucked into their little cabin.."

'yes, mommy....'

"Well, that's just what the wind does in the winter. I think it wants to come in out of the cold, too. So it raps on our windows and doors. That's why we should be thankful, like Laura, that we have a warm, cozy house to sleep in....and we don't have to sleep outside in the cold, like the wind."

'poor house......and poor wind', Sir Laughsalot sighed, as he snuggled back under his covers.

I went back to my room and lifted the window shade. The sky was grey and wintry, and I could see all the trees bending and swaying.... and my heart was grateful for this early winter wind.... because it brought a little, stolen moment of sweetness and comfort in the middle of the night.