Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'd Like You To Meet.......


Don't let the armor and weaponry scare you.... he's really a rather cheerful bloke and only fights monsters, bad guys, and Sadaam Hussein.

Sir Laughsalot has a long history of cheerfulness and was, in fact, born smiling. Some say it's just gas, but I like to believe otherwise.

Sir Laughsalot can be worked up into hysterics with just the slightest provocation........for
reading funny books. He's even been known to cackle in his nightmares for this brave knight.
"A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance..." Proverbs 15:13


Anna said...

Great and your sister MotherSkylark have a lot in both write beautifully. My name is Anna (aka...shutterbugnlondon) and I too think that it is a small world! Nice to meet you.

Moi said...

Am i glad u introduced moi to's a big Hi and a grin for Sir Laughsalot..and he's smiling's not gas :DDD