Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How do you get a little peace and quiet with 7 kids all staying in a small one bedroom cabin? Put in the movie "Cars"....... I'm not usually one to pacify kids with TV, but sometimes circumstances dictate a little leniancy and flexibility.
My parents recently sold their 5 bedroom house and are renting a small cabin in the same cove. And, it just so happens that this Christmas the whole family was able to make it to the Carolinas for the holidays, which is a rare event in itself. Luckily, the owners of the cabin next door were out of town and offered to let us use it.
To exacerbate the situation, Christmas Eve brought the onset of a nasty stomach bug that ended up raging through almost the whole family. From Christmas Eve until New Years, there was at least one family member praying to the porcelain god. As you can imagine, close quarters, seven young kids, and a stomach flu mixed in makes for some tension and chaos. During that time I was very grateful that we were as close and loving of a family as we are....... whoever didn't have the bug at the time served the ones who did, rode herd on the kids, cooked, etc. And the favor was repaid when the roles were reversed. We all had our less than pleasant moments, but it was a good reminder of what a great family I have- and really it reflected what Christmas is all about....Sacrifice.
So this Christmas will go down in the annals of our family holidays. And, of course, everyone knew it would get blogged about! :)


Dad said...

Hi Amy! Well, it's too late........I miss you already! What a joy it was for Mom & I to have you and Caleb in our home over Christmas.

I just read your 12/21 entry and tried to listen to Sara Grove's version of Breath of Heaven. When I clicked on the icon you furnished, however, I found maybe four songs prominently place on the page I was taken to, but none of them was Breath of Heaven. Can you help me find that particular selection? Love, Dad

kenju said...

They aren't all in one room, but my daughter lives with 7 kids (4 are hers and 3 her husband's) and theya re all together mostly 4 out of 7 days. It can be very loud!

Jenny said...

Oh my! I just popped over today and am so happy to see that you are back. Glad to know you enjoyed your visit.

Anna said... should I say? COZY! Great post and I look foward to some more pics ofyour time with all your family!

Anonymous said...

you captured it well, Amy. it was quite the noise and craziness, truly. but you're right. i think this year more than ever, the truth and reality of who we are shone more .... just like gold is purified by fire, so were we so that the dust and dross could be burnt. i love the picture too! can't believe how well the mountains showed up outside the window. love, your sister.

Jenny said...

Hello, Bluemountainmama! Thanks for the blog comments. I've been enjoying your posts along those lines, too.

I grew up in Hopkins County in a small community called Dalton, which at one time was a thriving town, but now consists of two churches, a dumpster, a crumbling, unoccupied school, and about 50 people. So sad! The nearest grocery store towns would be Princeton(Caldwell County), Providence(Webster County), Dawson Springs, and Madisonville. Ever heard of those towns?

I remember that you lived in New Concord. That is such a lovely area. I'd love to hear about the home you lived in there. The oldest in Calloway, right? What a dream(and sometimes inconvenience) that must have been.

susan said...

Just look at the view out the window, but of course it is lost on the kids - the television rules. "Cars" is a great movie, love it! Glad you had a good visit.